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Academy Admin. BEAC Ford PAS

Advanced Technology Academy Administration

Barry Hawthorne
Executive Director/ Chief Administrative Officer/CEO ATA Management Company

Mr. Hawthorne is responsible for management, operation, administration and education at the Academy.

Responsibilities include:

»Implementation and administration of the educational program
»Management of all personnel functions
»Operation of the school building
»All aspects of business administration
»Provision of food service
»Any other functions necessary for the administration of the Academy

B.S. Eastern Michigan University
Ford Academy of Manufacturing Sciences (FAMS) Certification
Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (FPAS) Certification
Deputy Director, Michigan Department of Labor (19791983)
Executive Director, Wayne County Employment & Training Department/
Wayne County Private Industry Corporation (19831987)
Acting Director, Michigan Employment Relations Commission (19801983)
MDSS Project Edge (19901992)


Robert Wittmann
Chief Fiscal Officer

Mr. Wittmann is responsible for budget development, financial procedures, and reporting. He provides monthly detailed statements of all revenues received. He oversees the development of all fiscal compliance matters, including the development of appropriate policies and procedures. He assures that annual audits are conducted in compliance with state laws and regulations. He helps determine how best to disburse the available cash against the appropriate expenditures in order to prevent cash shortfalls prior to receiving state aid payments.


Hannah Hawthorne M.Ed.,
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

Assistant Chief Academic Officer

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management
Master of Arts in Teaching, University of Michigan
Ford Next Generation Certificated
Michigan State Board Of Education Teacher Certificate

Michigan State Board Of Education Administrative Certificate
Bachelor of Arts Eastern Michigan University Language Arts, History


Kaye K LaGreca
Assistant Chief Academic Officer, Math Dept.

Master of Arts – Roosevelt University, Economics, Statistics
Post Degree Certification, University of Michigan, Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts – Michigan State University, Economics
State of Michigan Certification, EX, CA


Manuel Packnet Jr

Bachelor of Science, Wayne State University
Former Detroit Police Sergeant
Michigan State Police Investigator


Trienere Powell
Director of Special Education

Nora Thomas
Food Service Director

Joan Vroman
Assistant Registrar/Attendance Officer

Kyle Siira
IT Director

Advanced Technology Academy Board Of Directors

Peter J. McInerney

Floyd E. Addison, Jr.

Dan Hogan

Suzanne Sareini

David J. Esper