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Students in computer lab

This fall, ATA is partnering with Henry Ford College to start a Mechatronics Program for our students. Students in this new program will receive college credit along with certificates from nationally recognized organizations. Students will take a one-year or two-year program that will allow them to enter a MAT2 program at Henry Ford College.

ATA was part of a grant awarded to Henry Ford College to supply equipment to four sites in the surrounding Detroit area. ATA was given over $750,000 worth of equipment to start the Mechatronics Program. Some classes will be held here and other classes will take place on the Henry Ford Campus. Students will receive hands-on training in hydraulics, pneumatics, motor control, AC/DC electrical systems, welding, mechanical drives and more. Additionally, student will get a chance to see each of these being used in industry.

Mechatronics is a cutting-edge field that combines mechanical engineering, electronics, computer technology and information technology. Mechatronics technicians provide support to mechanical engineers, modify machines, troubleshooting and provide maintenance for related equipment in advanced manufacturing companies.

Planning their futures: Students learn about Michigan Advanced Technician Training apprenticeships

Early Middle College

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students at computers

Beginning in 2013, Advanced Technology Academy was approved by the State of Michigan to offer an Early/Middle College Program. The Early/Middle College Program is designed to allow a pupil to earn a high school diploma and up to 60 college credits or an Associate’s Degree. Students enrolled in the program agree to stay an extra 13th year to earn their high school diploma. All participants are given a 5-year educational plan to follow to earn college credits or an Associate’s Degree. All expenses for the program (books, tuition, transportation and other fees) are paid for by Advanced Technology Academy. In the 2015-16 school year, we partnered with Henry Ford College to offer the Early/Middle College Program. The first co-hort of students chose one of three Associate Degree Paths: Pre-Engineering, Health-Care or Business.

Students are accepted into the program on the following criteria:

Cumulative GPA
Teacher/Counselor Recommendation
Personal Interview
Writing Sample
Passing the College Success Course
Parent/Guardian Acceptance

In the 2015-16 school year, the second co-hort of Early/Middle College students began the program. Eight students began pursuing an Associate Degree Program in Health Care, Pre-Engineering or Business.


C Andersen
Cynthia Andersen
Director of Career and College Readiness and Early/Middle College


Director of Career and College Readiness Davenport University
Accounting Teacher Master of Science, Eastern Michigan University
Business American Management Association – Certified Manager Ford PAS Trainer Certified Bachelor of Science, Madonna University, Finance, Accounting State of Michigan Certification, GX, VB

S Bowman
Daniel Addison
Early Middle College


M Ferguson
MaryJo Ferguson
Physics, Occ Math

MS- Civil Engineering, Wayne State
BS- Engineering, U of Illinois Chicago
Certs: State of MI secondary Math EX, Physics DE